Obtaining grapes with high quality and unique personality is essential to achieving great single-estate wines, although on its own it is insufficient: it is essential to know how to bring out their characteristic essences and stabilise them in the wines in the winery.
Our aging cellar built in 1989 with a capacity for 2000 barriques, is mainly underground. Inside they are extremely clean, temperature and humidity controlled and contact with oxygen is avoided in virtually all operations subsequent to fermentation. Thanks to a modern air-conditioning installation with hygrometer control, the conditions where wines are aged are constantly regulated in the winery. Only new or semi-new Allier French oak barriques are used. Furthermore interventions are minimised to prevent unnecessary rackings, filtrations or clarifications
Since the first commercial vintage (MG Cabernet Sauvignon 1982), Pagos de Familia Marqués de Griñon has been constantly advised by some of the world’s most renowned oenological advisers. Emile Peynaud, the legendary oenology professor of Bordeaux University, supervised the first nine vintages bottled, from the only existing vineyard in Valdepusa at the time (Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in 1974), contributing decisively to its international recognition since our first vintage.
From the 1991 wine harvest, after the retirement of Peynaud, his pupil Michel Rolland –recently acknowledged as the most prestigious and influential winemaker worldwide by the New York Times, picked up the baton, coinciding with the new Syrah and Petit Verdot plantations (1991/1992). His philosophy, widely accepted today by many oenologists and winemakers responsible for the world’s greatest wines, has been based on two essential principles: picking the grapes when they are fully ripe - using a procedure as old and effective as grape tasting - and reducing grape, must and wine manipulation to a minimum in the winery. This is based on the principle that each superfluous intervention represents reduction in quality. Michel Rolland and his assistant, the oenologist Christopher Larrouquis, provide constant advice on how to carry out the grape harvest, fermentations, wine aging and in their final assemblage prior to bottling.
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