In 1292 the King of Castile granted the Field Marshal Payo de Ribera a vast area of land next to the Montes de Toledo, which since the conquest of Toledo had been a hunting ground for bears, deer and boars for their kings, particularly Alfonso XI. In 1350 Peter the Cruel ratified it via privilege surrounding the property and created the Señorío de Valdepusa. In the 14th Century the lords of Valdepusa acquired the Señorío de Griñón (Griñón Estate), which at the beginning of the 19th century became a marquessate. Earlier, during the mid-16th century, the Ribera family had joined the Fernández de Córdoba dynasty through marriage, founded by the Great Captain, General of the Castilian troops, who conquered the city of Granada in 1492 for the Catholic Monarchs, achieving the unity of Spain for the first time.
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