PFMG is a family business whose aim is to achieve excellence and a differentiated personality in the wines or extra virgin olive oils that they produce. To this end, Pagos de Familia Marqués de Griñón, is based on an old European tradition ‘pago’, consisting of growing the grapes or olives on the property of their estates that present unique soil and microclimate characteristics, which give their wines and extra virgin olive oil a differentiated terroir.
The ‘pago’ (in French cru or domaine) theory is, in fact, responsible for the vast majority of great wines worldwide. The reasons are relatively straightforward. Production on the estate itself or in its outskirts enables excellent care of the raw materials, harvesting at the ideal time and quick transportation to the winery or oil mill. And last, but by no means least, its transformation into wine and oil is adapted to the characteristics of each grape or olive batch, which is almost always different. To put it in a nutshell, it is an artisanal agricultural and production and which is therefore, unaffected by any industrial processes. The most tangible result is the transmission of the ‘pago’ characteristics; i.e. soil, microclimate, varieties and cultivation techniques to the wines and oils which are finally packaged, thereby ensuring their differentiated personality.

As to excellence, the Falcó family simultaneously applies two principles:

Preserve all traditions worthy of same
Innovate continually, in both the agricultural and manufacturing phases, incorporating state of the art technology where useful for improving the expression and balance of our wines and oils.

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