Climate conditions in the old Señorío de Valdepusa are particularly favourable for obtaining wines and oils of great finesse and aromatic and taste intensity. Based on this, Carlos Falcó has spent many years, time and resources to obtain a high quality ‘pago’ extra virgin olive oil, as he has with wines, performing numerous tests on his own olive groves and neighbouring estates.

The Olive Mill was built on the estate to obtain exceptional quality pago extra virgin olive oil, controlling important factors such as the ideal harvesting date and harvesting method and the exact time that it takes for the olives to reach their mill from the grove. Harvesting time is critical for each variety and plot, as their organoleptic properties and optimum polyphenol levels are maintained for just 8 to 10 days. Olives can only be harvested at the right time on highly controlled single-estates of a limited area and with more than one olive variety. Olives are harvested after sampling and analysing in order to determine optimum harvest time. Harvesting is performed using a novel manual system similar to traditional hand olive picking, today abandoned in Spain due to its excessive cost, and based on the use of recently designed vibrating combs which prevent damage to the olive and tree caused by certain mechanical systems. Afterwards, the olives are immediately taken to the state-of-the-art Olive Mill so that they suffer no oxidation, which would deteriorate the quality of the end product.

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