Dominio de Valdepusa is in one of the most beautiful regions of Castilla La Mancha, Montes de Toledo, next to the Tagus river. It is a central region in the Iberian Peninsula within the highest solar radiation area in Europe (3000 hours/year). Its climate is continental, with marked contrast between hot dry summers and cold winters, also between night and day in each season. The mean temperature is 17°C, dropping to 5°C in winter and rising to 26°C in summer. Average rainfall is approximately 450 mm.
The name of this ‘pago’ refers to the historical Señorío de Valdepusa (Estate of Valdepusa), which occupied the Pusa river valley, Tagus affluent from where water is obtained to irrigate its vineyards located around a mean height of 490 metres above sea level.
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